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Welcome to Craft Corner

Craft Corner is a purveyor and creator of craft products in Luxembourg since 2017.

We try our best to share our passion for drinks and food through our selected range of craft products, our finger food and our menu that changes constantly.

You can always find between 10 and 12 beers on tap, including beers brewed by our in-house brewery Bouneweger Brauerei. You can also get any of the beers on tap freshly poured in 0,5l cans to take away.

Our wine selection consists of 8 to 10 different wines, available in 15cl glasses. Make sure to check out our list of wines sold by the bottle only in our menu section.

In addition to the Bouneweger Brauerei beers, we also make a range of sodas under the name of De Soda, crafted after our own recipes, and made from organic fruit. Make sure to try the long drinks we serve with the house sodas as a mixer.

The spirits we carry are selected with care and meant to cover most of the different styles of each type. As with the beers and wines, the selection changes all the time. We are particularly proud of our range of whiskies – not only Scottish single malts, but also blended malts and even a blended grain, Irish and American whiskies.

Beers on tap, wines, port wines, whiskies and rums are all available to be sampled in tasting flights.


Latest news

  • Boozy Brunch – 26.03. – 10:00-15:00

    Start your Saturday in the most laid-back way with our boozy brunch! For this occasion we added some breakfast specials to our regular menu: Full Luxembourgish Breakfast, crumpets, Bloody Mary and more… Use the form below to book your table....

Please fill out this form to book a table for our brunch or register for our Meet The Brewers events.

How we do things

craft products

We prefer products that reflect real craftsmanship over mass industry whenever we can. Therefore we set up our own in-house brewery Bouneweger Brauerei in the back of the bar, make our own food and create our own sodas.

finger food

With our homemade finger food, we want to offer a convenient way to get something to eat without the need for cutlery or any formality. You can get something small to nibble on while enjoying your drinks or order something a bit more substantial during kitchen opening hours (Tue-Fri, 17:00-21:00, Sat, 14:00-19:00).

ever-changing menu

The world is full of exciting products and we would like to get to know as many as possible. This is why we change our menu constantly. We want to make sure that there is always something new to discover, each time you set foot into our bar.

We are the home of


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Art at the Corner

If you like what you see when you are looking at our big wall, then you should check out our partners at Artscape who are doing a great job curating it. Like ourselves, they prefer doing things differently and so they opted for a nomadic gallery concept without the need for an own space. We are grateful that we are among the selected places they chose to showcase works from their list of truly excellent emerging artists.

Our wall currently features 2 photographs from Luxembourg based artist Christof Weber. Find out more by visiting their website and Instagram account:

photography by Christof Weber

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